Patient Experience and Involvement Group (PEIG)

The PEIG is committed to ensuring all engagement, communication and consultation carried out is meaningful and involves the entire community, including seldom heard and vulnerable groups

How we can implement EDS2

The PEIG is a sub group which reports directly to the CCG Quality & Performance Committee. The group supports and advises on borough-wide engagement, consultation and communication activity and initiatives relevant to the delivery of the CCG Commissioning Strategy and St Helens Health and Wellbeing Strategy.

The PEIG is made of representatives from the following;

  • CCG lay member
  • CCG Associate Director, Corporate Governance
  • CCG Patient Engagement, Involvement, and Patient Experience Lead 
  • CCG Interim Chief Nurse or Safety & Quality Lead Nurse 
  • Local Authority Public Health Representative
  • Local Authority Peoples Directorate representative
  • Healthwatch representative
  • PPG Health Forum representative
  • Voluntary & Community Sector representatives 

When appropriate, other officers of the CCG, local authority, other bodies, or healthcare professionals may be invited to contribute expertise.

Members of the PEIG promote engagement and consultation work through their groups. This enables the CCG to ensure that they are exhausting all channels of communication and engagement and are able to reach seldom heard or vulnerable groups.

A large part of the PEIGs role is to make sure that the CCG follows their consultation and engagement processes which have been developed alongside commissioners. The PEIG also uses the best practice consultation timeline to refer to when reviewing proposals. 

This group meets regularly to review activity. Once the group has agreed on engagement, communication or consultations, plans will be made available on this page. You can also see the terms of reference for this group, which are reviewed and updated on an annual basis. 

For further information about the PEIG, please email us at or call us on 01744 624 269.