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PPG Forums

NHS St Helens PPG Health Forum is a group that meets quarterly

The Group includes representatives from local GP surgeries Patient Participation Groups, but we welcome any local people who would like to come along.

The purpose of the group is to enable the CCG to inform and engage registered patients of member practices and the wider population.

It will also allow us to involve patients and members of the public in the review, development and planning of services commissioned by NHS St Helens CCG and to influence the wider development of health and wellbeing services in St Helens.

We want to here what the people of St Helens think about our services and help us to identify issues on which the CCG should act.

Dates and Venues.......

The next meetings of the Health Forum will be on: 

Thursday 26th October, 6pm at St Helens Town Hall. 

For more information about the event please contact Paul Steele on 01744 624269 or Jenna Matthews on 01744 627596