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Mike Wyatt

Strategic Director of People's Services

Mike is Strategic Director of People's Services for St Helens Council and fulfils the statutory role of Strategic Director of Peoples Services on behalf of the Council.

Mike has worked in St Helens for 26 years, initially in Children's Services and since 1998 focusing on Adult Services.  In March 2009, Mike became the Director of Adult Social Care and Health.  

Mike believes that a St Helens focus offers significant opportunities for the CCG and the Council to work together to develop services that genuinely make a difference to service users and their family carers.  Rather than focusing on complex structural integration, services should be developed around the needs of individual people and should be flexible and responsive to ensure that the right service is provided in the right place and at the right time.  

Social care plays a vital role in supporting individuals with a variety of needs, and although there are sometimes barriers to effective joint work, there is clear evidence of the progress that the CCG and the Council are making together. Mike is confident that the positive working relationships will help to ensure that both the Council and the CCG manage the significant financial pressures on public services and continue to provide the best possible standard of care.