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Safeguarding Adults and Children Declaration

Safeguarding of children and adults is a high priority for NHS St Helens Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and there is strong commitment to ensuring that structures and governance arrangements for safeguarding are robust.

The protection of vulnerable children and adults at risk from abuse and neglect is fundamental to delivering health and well-being and core to delivering the quality agenda.

NHS St Helens Clinical Commissioning Group also ensures that organisations commissioned to provide services have appropriate safeguarding systems, including clear accessible policy and procedure, safer recruitment, training and governance systems. The principal philosophy is that safeguarding is everybody’s business and all staff will respond and act to raise safeguarding awareness and address any emerging issues.

Minimum safeguarding standards / arrangements are:

  • That the organisation meets statutory requirements in relation to the Disclosure and Barring Scheme (formerly Criminal Records Bureau checks);
  • That child and adult at risk protection policies and systems are up to date and robust, including a process for following up children who miss outpatient appointments and a system for flagging children and adults for whom there are safeguarding concerns;
  • That all eligible staff have undertaken and are up to date with safeguarding training at Level 1. In addition, a review of other training arrangements should be completed within six months, taking account of emerging messages from the national review of safeguarding training;  
  • That designated and/or named professionals are clear about their role and have sufficient time and support to undertake it;
  • That a member of the Governing Body has lead responsibility for safeguarding and that the Governing Body reviews safeguarding across the organisation at least once a year and has robust audit programmes to assure it that safeguarding systems and processes are working;
  • That the CCG is assured that there are robust and appropriate performance monitoring systems in place with all providers, including the independent sector, in relation to safeguarding; 
  •  That CCG Commissioners should scrutinise the declarations of all providers from whom they commission services; and 
  • That the CCG, who has a duty to support improvements in the quality of medical care and NHSE, as directly responsible for the commissioning of primary care services should together ensure that GP practices and staff have robust systems and practices in place to ensure fulfilment of the child and adult at risk safeguarding role.

NHS St Helens Clinical Commissioning Group is able to report full compliance with the recommendations detailed above.

NHS St Helens Clinical Commissioning Group is assured that we have robust and appropriate performance monitoring systems in place with all providers in relation to safeguarding children and adults at risk.


Working Together to Safeguard Children: A guide to inter-agency working to safeguard and promote the welfare of children (March 2013).

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Safeguarding Assurance Framework

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