A Prayer for St Helens

Father God, we thank you that St Helens is our home, a town with a rich and productive with history, may we be an inclusive community, where respect for all generations, their views and beliefs, is demonstrated through our acceptance of one another. Increase the sense of pride people have for the place where we live.

We ask that in industrial, business and retail sector there will be increasing prosperity and improved employment opportunities for all. Lord, eliminate poverty from our borough.

Gove your grace to those in health and social care professions, as they work to help improve the physical and mental health of our residents. We pray that vulnerable people and those with addictions will be able to access effective help and support. May this improve their quality of life, becoming free to love full lives.

Enable our children and young people to receive high quality education and access fruitful leisure opportunities so they may thrive and reach their full potential.

May the churches declare and demonstrate the love of god sensitively so people can experience spiritual health through peace, hope and forgiveness Jesus Christ offers. We pray that our local communities will become happy, positive places where kindness, tolerance and respect are well experienced by us all.

May our borough be increasing known as a safe place where crime and anti social behaviour are reduced. Give our councillors and officers wisdom in their responsibility for the borough and help them to plan well for the future. Grant our borough all the resources that are needed.

As we look to our boroughs future, we pray that we will be thankful for its past and hopeful for its future. May it be a place of welcome, acceptance, hope, peace and joy; A place of good news where all sections of our community live and work well together.

We ask this in Jesus' name. Amen.