Closing the Feedback loop and methods of engagement and communication

Closing the Feedback Loop and identifying the right methods of engagement for our community is important to us as we want to ensure everybody has the same opportunity to get involved in our work as well as having outcomes following engagement/ consultations fed back to them. There are a numbers of ways in which we do this depending on your preference. We also use a variety of engagement and communication methods to ensure our local community have the opportunity to engage with us in a way they feel able to. The teams aim is to engage with the entire community of St Helens at the earliest opportunity then ensuring that those who take part in activities are informed of outcomes is essential to successful engagement work. We work with individuals, work places, schools/ colleges, third sector and voluntary to identify the most appropriate method of engagement and the best way to feedback outcomes. When developing the most appropriate methods of engagement we will work with public health to look at the demographics of the specific area and health of the population.   

Methods of engagement and feedback include:

  • Partnerships and networks – Using our network and partnerships to share information, health messages and encourage feedback ensure a wider reach to the community.
  • Easy read reports – Using easy read style reports to feedback on outcomes from engagement and consultation work makes information accessible to all.
  • Newsletter – ENGAGE – Monthly communications to our membership network gives a regular opportunity for those registered to keep up to date with the latest opportunities to get involved.
  • CCG Public facing website - this is the main communication tool and is regularly updated to reflected the work we do, how you can get involved, latest news etc
  • Patient Experience and Involvement Group - The PEIG is a sub group which reports directly to the CCG Quality & Performance Committee, in line with the quality strategy. The group supports and advises on borough-wide engagement, consultation and communication activity and initiatives relevant to the delivery of the CCG Commissioning Strategy and St Helens Health and Wellbeing Strategy.
  • Patient Participation Groups and PPG forum - are made up of patients who are registered with the practice and have an interest in the services your GP provides
  • Social media - Social Media has become a more prominent tool for the CCG to use to share information and monitor response and feedback. Using both Facebook and Twitter, we promote national campaigns, local health messages and give the public the opportunity to get involved and have their say.
  • Surveys – Using surveys can be a great way for us to collect a large amount of both qualitative and quantitative data and supports us in monitoring our commitment to engaging with a wide variety of groups. Surveys are available online, over the phone or via paper versions
  • Focus Groups, Meetings and Events - The CCG both organise and attend a number of groups, meetings and events across the borough to showcase the work we do and ensure people have an opportunity to get involved and have their say on our work areas.
  • Drop in sessions – the CCG regularly run drop in session with the town centre for people to pop along, find out what we are working on and have their say.
  • Locality based working – the CCG regularly run events within each of the four localities to ensure communities across the borough are able to get involved in our work
  • Marketplace events  - the CCG both attend and organise marketplace events bringing together all health and social care services together to allow the community to finds out what is available to them locally
  • Working with vulnerable / seldom heard groups – the CCG regularly works with organisations who support our most vulnerable groups to ensure they have the same opportunity to find out what we are doing and how they can get involved for example cares, mental health groups, older people, visually impaired groups.
  • Healthwatch St Helens – we work closely with Healthwatch to organise dedicated sessions to their members and the wider community
  • Membership scheme - The CCG run a membership scheme and opportunities and feedback from engagement activities are sent directly to the members
  • Stakeholder Map – The CCG has a dedicated stakeholder map. The map is used to ensure all activities and feedback is fed back to the relevant groups across the borough for example, local councillors, third sector / voluntary group, providers and partners, GP members and their patients 
  • Third Sector, Voluntary groups, partners and providers – the CCG utilise existing channels in place with other groups to ensure maximum impact.
  • Media - The CCG work closely with local and national media to keep them informed of our work as well as responding to enquiries regarding local services.

For more information contact

Paul Steele, Engagement Lead