Criteria Based Clinical Treatments - outcome

In 2019 NHS St Helens CCG along with other local CCGs reviewed their policies for 6 of its Criteria Based Clinical Treatments including;

  1. Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems policy
  2. Cough Assist Devices policy
  3. Insulin Pumps policy
  4. Prostatism or Lower Urinary Tract Infection policy
  5. Secondary Care Steroid Joint Injections policy
  6. Trans-anal Irrigation policy

The policies are part of a regular review of more than 100 policies and treatments.

They are reviewed to ensure that they have the best possible outcomes for patients, are in line with the latest clinical guidance, and are making the best of the limited NHS resources available.

The review took into account clinical evidence, NICE guidance and discussions with patients, staff and public.

The CCG engaged with the local community and stakeholders and gathered their feedback on proposed changes. The report of findings from engagement activities was used to inform the proposed new policies.

The new policies are now ready and will be submitted to the CCG’s Governing Body for ratification in March 2020

Following ratification the CCG would expect the new policies to be implemented during 2020