NHS St Helens CCG has committed to delivering four events throughout the year under the name of ‘Talkfest’.

The aim is to continuously engage with the local community of St Helens, giving people the opportunity to share experiences, thoughts and ideas with the CCG, as well as giving the CCG with the opportunity to share information and messages and gain insight into the public and patients, which can feed into the development of local health and social care plans.

Each ‘Talkfest’ includes key focus areas for discussion, which are developed with senior management team at the CCG. This is the CCGs commitment to proactively engaging with the local population, as set out in the Communications and Engagement Strategy.

Following feedback regarding previous engagement opportunities our local community said 'Could more events take place within individual localities to ensure the population as a whole have the opportunity to get involved and have their say within their community'. Following this feedback we ensure that future engagement events are held in each locality and are fully accessible to the whole community within each location. 


Read about our May 2019 Talkfest event in our summary report to find out what people had to say over mental health and the priorities for the People's board.

Find out how we got on in January 2018 talking to the local community about antibiotic resistance and urgent care winter pressures.

If you have recently attended an event and wish to complete an evaluation form you can find more information here.