Talkfest Winter - January 2018

Talkfest Winter 2018

Talkfest Winter 2018 - Question Time Debate

Aim: To talk to the local community and better understand their use of urgent care, antibiotics, self-care and pharmacy

On 25 January 2018, the CCG held their Talkfest within the borough, a day dedicated to talking to local people about the pressures our local health system faces over the colder months and how we can help not only ourselves but also others.Talkfest ended with a  Question Time debate at St Helens College, where the public were able to put questions to a panel with representation from urgent care, GPs, pharmacy and other non-profit organisations, about winter.

Through the Talkfest engagement event, the CCG  reached just over 1000 people face to face, aged from 10 years to 90 years old and just over 2500 people online through the website and social media. All of these people have received consistent key messages about urgent care, winter pressures and antibiotics and had the opportunity to feed back to us their understanding of services and their use of them.

Through out Talkfest, we also asked people if they would like to put forward a question to the debate panel.

You can find the list of questions and answers below.