Involving and updating our staff

Ensuring that all our staff are aware of and value the importance of working with our local community. The CCG insure all staff throughout the organisation are kept up to date on the benefits of engaging and involving local people, what our legal duty is as well as various methods of engagement to insure people are fully involved in the work that we do.  

One of the ways we empower our staff to recognise the benefits that patient and public involvement and engagement can bring is through carrying out training and development sessions across the organisation such as:

  • Governing body 
  • Staff meetings
  • CCG Committee 

The Engagement, Involvement and Communications Team also provide regular updates to our GP Membership through various internal channels. 

The team also provide a six monthly updates to Governing Body about the work carried out and planned work going forward.

You can view the latest reports below. 

April 2019-Sept 2019

October 2018-March 2019 

Geoffrey Appleton, CCG Lay Chair - Myself and the Governing Body are assured that the engagement team work to ensure our local community is at the heart of everything we do. And that they feel encouraged and empowered to influence the work of the CCG and be involved in the decisions we make.

 An example of this is the public consultation on the ‘Care at the Chemist’ service that the team ran which demonstrated the willingness to engage with the public, listen to their views and input these into the decisions made – in this instance, continuing with the service. November 2019