Working with Schools and Colleges

Primary and Secondary Schools  

The CCG work closely with local schools and colleges to ensure engagement is carried out with staff, pupils / students and parents and carers.

In November the Engagement Team presented at the head teachers forum on upcoming work and the best way to engage with them. The team presented different channels available to communicate and engage with them and schools were asked to complete what would suit their environment, the options available are as follows (letter and copy of form can be viewed here): 

  • Information book bags (primary) 
  • Information distributed via form/tutor groups (secondary)
  • Use supplied text in school newsletter/parent communications
  • Display posters in school / Colleges
  • Information available at reception
  • School assembly
  • School lesson plan

Following on from the presentation 35 schools signed up to actively work with the team in a variety of ways on various subjects and programmes of work. This work will commence from February 2020. A selection of the schools who signed up include: 

  • Cowley Language College
  • St Teresa's Catholic Primary School
  • Sherdley Primary School
  • Holy Cross Primary School
  • Holy Spirit Primary School


St Helens Colleges

The CCG has worked closely with St Helens College over the last couple of years in a number of ways for example by attending individual lessons to support the curriculum around health and social care, year group presentation around Mental Health, Antibiotics, Medicines. And the Flu vaccination This work will continue in 2020 and planned sessions will take place on mental health and immunisations.