Working with the third sector and Voluntary Organisations

The CCG recognises the importance of the third sector and voluntary organisations in St Helens and the important role they play within the local community.

When planning or running any engagement activities the CCG involves all organisations locally and offers the opportunity for the team to visit individual groups to talk to patients / services users etc about the work we do and how they can get involved we do this by linking in with any existing groups they run were people feel comfortable and more likely to fully engage with discussions etc.

Visits take place at groups such as:

Feedback is captured from all the groups we work with regarding engagement and involvement. This feedback is reviewed on how effective it has been and supports the work of the team when working with the third sector and voluntary groups.

Feedback from organisational leads on this approach has been extremely positive as a way of engaging with those groups who have busy lifestyles and wouldn’t necessarily attend bigger public engagement events.

"We have worked in partnership with the CCG for many years and have built a good working relationship in order to ensure St Helens Carers are communicated with & consulted with locally. The CCG engagement team keep us up to date on local initiatives or service changes, in order for us to disseminate this to our client group, often offering or requesting to meet with Carers in order to discuss this further or to consult. Due to the relationship we have built, the engagement team will also signpost other professionals/agencies to our service in order to reach Carers.  We look forward to continuing with our partnership working in order to ensure this positive work and engagement continues to reach Carers and their families" 
Lindsey Martindale, Head of Adult Carer Support, St Helens Carers Centre

“the work happening this year shows how much the CCG have made every effort to involve the local community of St Helens in decisions and how they listen to patient experience when looking at new and improved ways of working. It is also good to see the close working with ourselves highlighted and we look forward to continuing the story with the CCG in 2018/19”
Jayne Parkinson-Loftus, Healthwatch St Helens Manager

To ensure the work we do reaches the whole of the community, including vulnerable, seldom heard and those from protected backgrounds working closely with the third sector and voluntary organisations is vital to ensure every member of the community has the same opportunity and is fully up to date with what’s happening locally.

The CCG developed a stakeholder map that captures all voluntary and third sector groups and ensures they are fully aware of opportunities available this information is also captured when initial discussions take place at our patient experience and involvement group.

The CCG has a range of methods of engagement and our approach is adapted to suit the individual groups, Methods include:

  • Attending third sector voluntary groups
  • Dedicated events
  • Online survey
  • Paper survey
  • Telephone engagement
  • Meeting
  • Focus groups
  • Drop in sessions
  • Website
  • Social media
  • Easy read formats

For more information on methods of engagement and how we provide feedback on our work visit the closing the feedback and methods of engagement page.

If you would like more information on this or for the team to attend your group please call the engagement and communications team on 01744 627596 or email