0-19+ Health and Wellbeing

0-19+ Health and Wellbeing Services in St Helens - accessing support during Christmas and New Year

The Healthy Child Programme in St Helens, which includes Health Visiting, School Nursing and an Enhancing Families Team (formerly Family Nurse Partnership) is now provided by Wirral Community Health and Care NHS Foundation Trust. Local parents, carers and young people will continue to see the same health professionals in their local community and continue to receive dedicated care and support.


Contacting the team during service opening hours:

You can contact a member of the 0-19+ Health and Wellbeing Team by telephone or email:







Newton and Haydock:



Online support:

The 0-19+ Health and Wellbeing Service has a dedicated children and young people’s website. With the click of a button, parents, carers, and young people can access a range of local and tailored support, information, and advice, including videos and resources - ranging from baby packs to fussy eating, puberty support to vaccination schedules, emotional and wellbeing support to resilience resources, as well as local online support groups.


To search for a particular service, you can either use the A-Z service directory or the search function.


Health Visiting and School Nursing Facebook pages

Follow the dedicated Facebook pages for local support and information.


Health Visiting Hub - St Helens



School Nursing Hub - St Helens