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St Helens Referral Management System

All referrals are now sent via our Referral Management System. This means all referrals made by GPs to hospitals will be sent to a dedicated reception and booking team.

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The team manages the referral from that point on and check referrals to make sure they contain all the information that the hospital would need to see the patient.

For some referrals there will be a clinical assessment carried out on the referral to help decide whether the patient could be better cared for in a dedicated community clinic, or if an alternative treatment plan would be more effective.

There are many advantages for patients with the new system which will lead to an improvement in individual patient experience in St Helens. Some advantages are:

  • More patients are seen in the right place at the right time for their treatment
  • Patients avoid unnecessary attendances at hospitals which can cause distress and inconvenience for them and their carers
  • Patients will be offered choice of provider of services and dedicated time to talk through any reasonable adjustments needed, for example to help people with a learning disability, access the services they need

The system will not only help individual patients but in the current financial climate will also help the CCG ensure that the money it spends on providing hospital care for its patients is spent in the best way. It is the CCG’s responsibility to deliver the best possible value for money in all of the services it puts into place and the new system will help to reduce waste and control demand for hospital services.

To support any questions you may have about the Referral Management System, we have produced the following resources: