18 Jun 2020

Face coverings are now compulsory for anyone attending hospital - including GP practices based in hospital buildings - Marshalls Cross at St Helens Hospital and Newton Community Hospital Practice

From Monday 15 June, wearing a face covering is compulosory in the following places:

  • travelling on public transport
  • attending hospital as a visitor or outpatient appointment.

This rule affects patients who have a face to face appointment at our two GP practices based in hospital buildings:

  • Marshalls Cross Medical Centre in St Helens Hospital
  • Newton Community Hospital Practice in Newton Community Hospital

People with certain health conditions, disabled people and children under the age of 11 are exempt from the rule.

The UK government changed its advice on face masks to stop the spread of coronavirus earlier this month, as more people used public transport to go back to work. It is now in line with the World Health Organization's advice.

The new rules apply to England and require anyone travelling by bus, coach, train, tram, Tube, ferry or plane to cover their face while on board.

They exclude school transport, taxis and private hire vehicles - although Uber has made face coverings compulsory for both passengers and drivers.

The rules apply only while travelling - not while waiting - but the rail industry has also asked people to cover their face as they enter a station.

The CCG advises anyone who has a face to face appointment at any other GP practice to consider using a face covering while contiuning to follow hand washing and social distancing guidance. 

"Face coverings help to protect those near you from the virus, as we know that it is possible to pass on coronavirus when you don't have any symptoms.

"Face coverings are not a substitute for hand washing or social distancing, but they are additional measure in the fight against coronavirus, to protect staff, patients and their loved ones."

Face coverings can be homemade using a scarf or bandana.  For government information on how to make a face covering click here.

For more information on the rules regarding face coverings click here