19 Nov 2021

Booster vaccines for some housebound patients in St Helens are being delivered by a pharmacy company and not the patient’s GP practice.

Details for the roll out of Covid-19 booster vaccines for some housebound patients in St Helens are being finalised by a national pharmacy company - rather than the patient’s own GP practice.  The programme will see pharmacy workers will come out to residents registered as housebound with their GP practice and administer the booster vaccine.

NHS England have commissioned this service for a number of GP practices in St Helens to take the strain off practices and help them focus on delivering primary care and treatment to their patients.

The pharmacy will get in touch with patients directly to arrange to visit using the contact details provided by the GP practice - this may be by phone or letter.

To ensure our most vulnerable population have enhanced protection from Covid-19 as soon as possible, St Helens CCG is pulling together as many additional vaccinators as possible to ensure that we can work through the housebound patient as quickly as we can.  We have now enlisted a local pharmacy and a second pharmacy is due to start supporting the programme from 29th November which should help speed up delivery of the programme.

Dr Michael Ejuoneatse, local GP and Medical Director at NHS St Helens Clinical Commissioning Group, said: “It is planned that booster vaccines for housebound patients will be undertaken by early December and patients should be hearing about their appointment over the next week. 

“I know people are keen to get their booster vaccine and NHS England have had some delays rolling this out due to capacity issues, however, I would urge patients to be patient and wait to hear from the pharmacy.  Please don’t contact your GP practice or CCG who will be unable to tell you when your appointment will be.

“It is really important that those eligible get their booster jab when offered.  Levels of protection may begin to wane over time, especially in those who are more vulnerable. This booster dose will help extend the protection you gained from your first two doses and give you longer term protection.  It will also help to reduce the risk of you needing admission to hospital due to Covid-19 infection this winter.”