14 Aug 2020

The CCG is helping recruit people who fit certain criteria to take part in a clinical trial to help find a treatment for people for Covid-19.

Have you or a family member/friend who is aged 60+ or aged 50+ with one of more of the following:  high blood pressure or heart disease; diabetes; COPD or lung disease; or currently taking 20mg of Prednisolone


started to feel unwell in the last 4 days with coronavirus symptoms (high temp, new cough, loss of smell/taste)?

You could be eligible to take part in a study based in St Helens run by the Clinical Research Facility at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital. 

The Agile Accord study is looking for people from St Helens to take part in a clinical trial which aims to find a treatment for people with Covid-19.

Can you help?

For more information, please contact your GP or the research study team at: agile.accord@nhs.net or call 0151 706 4863 - and help in the search for a treatment

You can download the study poster here