08 Feb 2021

The first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine for housebound patients has now been completed in St Helens.

GP practices in St Helens have motored through the housebound population and have now finished the final cohort of patients this week who have been offered but are yet to have had the Covid vaccine - over 1100 in total.

Nurse vaccinators from Marshall’s Cross Medical Centre were out on Thursday 4th February visiting a small number of 15 housebound patients – among them those who had previously declined the vaccine or had not been able to have it earlier due to medical reasons.

Rita Bustacchini from Sutton was one of the patients in St Helens to receive her vaccine from the team at home yesterday.

Rita, 81, said: “I’m pleased that the nurses were able to come to my house to give me the vaccine. It is so important to protect everyone.”

Julie Norris, Practice Nurse at Marshalls Cross Medical Centre who vaccinated Rita, said:  ‘It’s really  important that our housebound patients are vaccinated as it’s not only going to keep them safe but also any family members or carers who come into their home to support them. Having the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine means we can get out to those housebound patients that may not be able to get to the vaccination clinic at Saints.”

Katie Etheridge, Marshall’s Cross Practice Manager, added: “Julie has worked throughout the pandemic despite having Covid herself last year.  She has continued to review patients in the practice along with our GPs and has played a key role in delivering the Covid vaccines both in nursing homes and patient’s own homes as well as at the mass clinic at Saints.

“Throughout it all Julie always has a smile on her face and is a very valuable member of the nursing team, we are extremely proud of all of the team here at Marshalls Cross we have had to adapt quickly to the changes that this pandemic has brought but as a team we have faced these challenges together…Julie deserves a medal and the recognition for her dedicated work to and for our patients.”

The housebound patients also includes patients at specialist residential units in the borough.

Patients attending the GP-led vaccination centre at Saints who are not designated housebound but are unable to enter the building should make this known to stewards/reception staff as vaccinators will come out and administer the vaccine in the car where needed.