15 Jan 2021

GPs and primary care staff have been busy this week vaccinating residents and staff in almost all care homes in the borough, including Mary, 108 who lived through the pandemic of 1919.

By the end of this week (Friday 15th January) St Helens GPs and primary care staff will have completed vaccinations of residents and staff (around 800 residents and 400 staff) in all but three of our care homes of older people - these are outstanding due sadly to Covid outbreaks but these will be completed where possible by next week.  It is estimated that for every 20 residents vaccinated in a care home it one life will be saved.

From Monday 18th January and the following week GPs are going into the community and vaccinating all their housebound patients. GP practices will be contacting housebound patients and their carers to support practice staff in delivering this.

Also next week, the aim is to continue vaccinations of the over 80s cohort,  finishing the following week after a long wait for confirmation of a vaccine supply.  GP practices will be sending a text message to patients who have provided a mobile phone number or contacting them directly by phone if not to make your appointment. If you receive a text message you will be able to simply follow the link and book your appointment. If you do not have a mobile phone your GP practice will contact you. If you are a carer for a vulnerable elderly relative, please advise your GP practice on the best way to ensure your family member can be contacted and the appointment made for them.

Dr Hilary Flett, local GP and clinical lead for the vaccination in St Helens, had this message for people waiting to receive their vaccination:

"Please bear with us. It is a mammoth task to contact over 4000 people in the course of a few days, so thank you for your patience; you will be receiving a text or call over the next few days and you will be offered a vaccination appointment at the GP-led vaccination clinic at Saints.

"We very much look forward to seeing you there.”