05 Oct 2021

Information on who is eligible for Covid booster jabs and flu vaccinations and how to get yours.

GP practices in St Helens are currently rolling out booster doses of the Covid vaccine and flu vaccinations to those aged over 50, those over 16 with health conditions and frontline health and social care workers.

The Covid booster vaccine should be given no sooner than 6 months after the second dose - and at the same time as the flu jab.  Invitations will begin to be issued in the coming weeks from GP practices and the national booking service as before.  Please wait to be invited before booking your vaccine.  This may be at Saints stadium or at your GP practice.

If you are over 50 or over 16 with a health condition that puts you at high risk of becoming seriously ill from Covid-19 and have received a message to book your booster jab:

  • You must book an appointment to do this as Saints are not accepting drop-ins for booster vaccinations.
  • Please call 119 or visit the National Booking Service website here
  • It must be at least 6 months (180 days) since your second dose.

Some deliveries of flu vaccines to GP practices have been delayed due to ongoing freight issues.  Where possible, the Covid vaccine and flu vaccine will be given at the same time but if this is not possible, your GP practice will call you for the flu vaccine separately.

People who are immunosuppressed will be contacted by their hospital consultant or GP to be given a third primary dose of the Covid vaccine as soon as possible before being called for a booster jab 8 weeks later.

If you fall into this category, please take ID when you attend and your text or letter as proof that you are eligible.

If you are immunosuppressed and have been invited to receive your third vaccine

  • You cannot book your third primary vaccine by calling 119 or the national booking service website.  Instead, you will need to attend Saints as a drop-in.
  • Please visit our page on drop-in sessions here for details of opening times
  • You will be invited for a booster jab around six months after your third dose.