14 Sep 2021

CCG Governing Body member, Dr Greg Irving, along with our Primary Care Networks, GP providers and Edge Hill University have been shortlisted at the General Practice Awards 2021 in the category of Clinical Improvement: Chronic Conditions.

The shortlisted entry is for the implementation of a ‘drop box’ doorstep assessment service to aid remote patient assessments during the Covid pandemic. 

To support the safe, effective and efficient remote assessment of suspected and confirmed patients with Covid-19, the doorstep assessment service was designed to complement GP telephone and video consultations. This allows physiological parameters such as temperature, pulse, blood pressure and oxygen saturation to be obtained to guide further triage.

As the next stage in the quality improvement process, the CCG has commissioned the use of Tytocare© devices across St Helens GP practices to support remote assessment of chronic long term conditions. Devices will also be placed in 15 nursing homes. 

A full report on the project can be found on BMJ Open Quality site here along with a video abstract.