02 Aug 2021

Vaccination uptake in St Helens continues to be good- and among the highest of all boroughs in Cheshire and Merseyside with the most recent figures showing that uptake among over 50s in the borough is extremely high and over 87% have had both doses, this rises to 97% for over 80s and  99% for those aged 75-79.

However the current challenge lies with the 18-40 group.  Current figures show that 30% have had both doses and 63% have had one dose.  This means there are around 40,000 people in the borough in this age range who are not protected by vaccination.  Vaccinations are open to everyone over 18 including those within three months of their 18th birthday.   Those admitted to hospital with Covid are now younger and in the main unvaccinated. 


The areas with the highest uptake in this age group are Eccleston, Rainford and Rainhill with uptake lowest in Parr, town centre, Earlestown and Newton.


Ruth du Plessis, Director of Public Health in St Helens, said: “We really encourage our younger population get come get vaccinated.  We are seeing hospital admissions among this age group with many unvaccinated which is worrying.


“One dose gives a good protection against infection, so the sooner you can get vaccinated the better  Two doses of the vaccine is even better and gives a good level of immunity against the Delta variant which is currently the dominant variant in England and being vaccinated massively reduces the chance of serious disease.


“To tackle this we’re taking the vaccination bus to the areas with the lower uptake, and going into the community to talk to people and encourage them to get vaccinated, and give them the information they need if they have any questions or concerns.  We are also offering bus vouchers and a free transport service to enable people to get to the mass vaccination centre at Saints.


“I would also encourage  pregnant women to get jabbed as soon as possible as nationally we are seeing the numbers of mothers-to-be admitted to hospital rise with the Delta variant.  Severe illness with Covid-19, while uncommon, is more likely in later pregnancy.  We want pregnant women to be confident about having the vaccine – the most recent study[1] shows the vaccines are very protective with no concerns over safety for this group.”


Walk-in sessions are available across St Helens over the summer and can be found on https://www.sthelensccg.nhs.uk/covid-19-information/covid-19-vaccine-drop-in-sessions/

Or by using the NHS postcode finder which details walk in vaccination sites across the whole of England: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/coronavirus-vaccination/find-a-walk-in-coronavirus-covid-19-vaccination-site/


To take up the offer of free transport to Saints mass vaccination centre, please call the Contact Centre on 01744 676789.