Health Passport

Health Passport is a resource tool that can be used for any health care appointment or pre admission or during a hospital stay

Launch of Health Passport

The Health Passport’s aim is to help healthcare professionals understand you and make reasonable adjustments to the care and support they provide during your appointment or hospital stay. It was developed by Gloucestershire Partnership NHS Trust for use by adults with learning disabilities; and is now widely used across the NHS and suitable for use by all vulnerable adults – not just those with a learning disability.It contains information about you to enable staff within the NHS to understand your everyday needs, including communication, medication, and eating and drinking.

The Health Passport makes a connection with people who don't know you that well like Doctors and Nurses and the people who know you best like your family and friends.It is not expected to last a long time as your needs can change, which is why we have developed an electronic version you can download and print off so it can be easily changed.

It is really important that you remember to take your Health Passport with you to all health appointments, including: doctors, dentists, opticians, and hospital – and hand to them whilst saying hello.To make the passport easier to carry around, we have developed a mini version, this enables you to carry important information about you that healthcare professionals could access in an emergency, including where to find your full Health Passport.

Download Notes Here

We have produced some notes to help with the use, which can be downloaded below:

For copies of the Health Passport and mini health passport please contact the Community Learning Disability Nursing Team.

For guidance notes on the Health Passport please click here.

To download an electronic version of the Health Passport please click here

Health Password