Public Information

The community infection control nurses cover the three boroughs of Halton, St Helens and Warrington. They are all highly trained and have many years of nursing experience in a variety of settings.

They are there to support people with infectious diseases and their families and also to follow up close contacts.

The nurses also audit the GP surgeries to ensure cleanliness and infection prevention and control are a high priority in the surgery and the risk of acquiring an infection is low.

They work closely with the environmental health officers on outbreaks of infection in the community and visit any premises e.g. tattooists, beauty therapists where they may have concerns.

The infection control nurses are allocated care homes in the three boroughs and carry out infection control audits and training in each of them.

The team are happy to do infection control training for any organisations who would like it.

We are also happy to take calls from the public on infectious diseases. We are available Monday to Friday 07.45am to 16.45pm.

We also have an “ask the nurse a question on this website” which you can use instead.

Our telephone number is 01744 457314.