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Creative Alternatives

Creative Alternatives is an arts on prescription scheme which offers a creative outlet for people who may be experiencing mild to moderate depression, stress or anxiety.

Download Creative Alternatives document and contact information here.

People can be referred on to it by a health or social care professional or they can also self-refer if they wish to do so. The workshops aim to improve emotional wellbeing by:

  • Reducing social isolation and promoting resilience
  • Improving communication skills, social confidence and self-esteem
  • Increasing motivation and encouraging regular participation in a
  • Group activity
  • Developing personal creativity and arts engagement

Membership of Creative Alternatives delivers significant improvements to lifestyle factors, with reduced GP visits by 34% and overall improvement to mental health of programme members by 78%. Over the duration of the programme there will be six blocks of workshops that people can attend over a 12 week period, and each workshop block will have 12 places available on them. There are a range of creative activities on offer such as wood-work, creative writing, mandala’s, painting and textiles, with mindfulness also incorporated into the core programme.  

This is a fantastic opportunity for residents of St. Helens and has been funded through St. Helens Council’s Public Health Department and is part of the Arts in Libraries – Cultural Hubs Programme. Please visit our website to find out more and how to refer, or telephone the Project Coordinator, Helen Holden on 07745 590 698.

Client testimonials

“I am going through a lot of stress in my private life. Amongst the chaos, Creative Alternatives has been a place where I can relax and have a different focus.  It’s been a life-line to me.”

“I like doing art because it helps me express something which is beyond words. Because it relieves me. I don't have words for everything I feel but I can express my feelings through drawing or mask making. I always feel better afterwards."